About Us

The History Of The Natural Boutique.

In early 2002 Sandy White through her knowledge and expertise developed the concept of a natural boutique. Dedicated to providing natural and healthful products to consumers, Sandy researched and traveled to multiple venues to produce an inventory befitting to the idea of a natural boutique. The resulting inventory included essential oil based products with natural, nontoxic ingredients for home, personal care, pet care and cosmetics.

With an inventory fitting of the natural boutique concept, Sandy with a taste for loose leaf brought in fine loose leaf tea products. Offering high end quality products, Botanical Indulgence opened in 2003 and was the first retailer in the Fox Valley to offer a large selection of loose leaf teas.

13 years have passed and the name has changed, but the original concept has remained. With an additional title to its name, The Natural Boutique by Botanical Indulgence offers many of the original natural products while incorporating new brands. The Natural Boutique now offers homeopathic products and specializes in flower essence therapies.

Mission Statement

Adhering to the highest standards, we offer well researched, high quality natural products. Our trained and certified staff educates our customers on the value of using these products for health and wellness allowing the customer to make the right decision for themselves. Our product selection focuses on revitalization and rejuvenation.

Value Statement

Botanical Indulgence will consistently maintain high standards in the quality and purity of products that will include product lines of essential oils, flower essences, tea, home cleaning, bath and body and other products yet to be discovered. These products will be all natural, environmentally friendly and void of animal testing of any kind. They will be in the best interest of our customers and nothing less.