Additional Products

Regeneration & Rejuvenation.

The Natural Boutique by Botanical Indulgence offers additional products to enhance the journey toward a balanced and naturally sourced experience.  From essential oils to homeopathy and healing teas,we offer options to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Healing. Homeopathy.

We offer multiple healing products for both our human guests and animal friends. Gain balance in your life with flower essence therapy. We also offer healing music and tools for meditation and relaxation.

Our most popular areas of healing include a homeopathic line of products presented in an easy to use and effective format. Homeopathy is one of the only alternative medicines offered that is FDA regulated. This means the product has been tested and approved for safe and effective use.

Unique Gifts.

At The Natural Boutique by Botanical Indulgence, shop for special feel good items. Our items include beautiful silk scarves, UV protective hats, relaxing garden chimes and accessories to compliment all our other departments in the boutique. Our selection of items are unique to the area.