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    Happy Birthday from Botanical Indulgence, The Natural Boutique!

    Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2013
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    Take The Time For Tea Today

    To drink tea or to not drink tea, that is the question! The answer – DRINK TEA! Tea is now becoming more popular in the United States. Ten years ago when Botanical Indulgence first opened there was no place to go and purchase good quality, loose leaf tea. As we introduced our customers to different types of tea with our daily tea tastings, the popularity and interest grew. Now our area boasts of three fine teashops plus more selection of tea in local coffee shops.

    Brewing is the key to fine cup of tea. Temperature, timing and quantity of leaf will determine the outcome of your brew. The basics go like this: brew green tea at 180 degrees or less for no more than 1 to 3 minutes. Using only a teaspoon of loose leaves will give you that healthy refreshing infusion you desire without being bitter. Black tea is more forgiving because it is oxidized. Use water that is 208 to 212 degrees for 4 to 5 minutes to infuse a teaspoon of leaves per cup, which will give you a smooth robust taste.

    All tea is good for you. It contains anti-oxidants with a gentle hint of slow releasing caffeine to give you that needed “boot in the root” in the middle of the afternoon. Other teas to try include the fine white teas, oolongs, puerh’s and pouchong.

    Take the time for tea today. You will feel better for it.

    Posted: Thursday, February 14th, 2013
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    Flower Essences For Your Pet

    Do you have a nervous dog or a cranky cat? Consider the gentle use of flower essences to help balance their emotional energies. I use Anxiety on Frankie my Border collie mix during thunderstorms and vet visits. Just applying a few drops in his earflap, within ten minutes he settles down.

    This is different than aromatherapy, which is based on the chemistry of the essential oil used for inhalation therapy. Flower essences work on the electrical body of the animal. When the energy in their body is out of balance it can manifest as physical ailments or as emotional upset.

    Using flower essence therapy is very safe and has no contraindications. The positive testimonials for use on animals have been amazing. Of course we see the same success with humans but I like to use the animals as an example because they don’t know what a placebo is. So if you or your pet is feeling a little funky, think about trying the gentle balancing therapy of flower essences.

    Posted: Thursday, February 7th, 2013
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