Camillia Sinensis – True Tea.

From rare white tea to earthy Puerh, The Natural Boutique offers a wide selection of loose leaf tea. Trained to fit the tea to the person, we provide the best tea that accommodates to a person’s taste and needs.

Medicinal Tea.

In addition to our wide variety of true tea, we offer medicinal teas for healing the body and mind.

Brew Before You Buy.

Whether true or herbal tea, we believe your tea purchase to be precious. Just ask us to brew any tea. We want you to truly enjoy your selection.

Our Philosophy. Freshness & Taste.

We blend and tin only with the freshest of loose leaf teas. Sealing our tins to avoid oxidation and never tinning more than six pounds of tea at once, we ensure the freshest of tea blends for our customers.

Live & Let Tea.

Visit our store and leave with the knowledge every tea drinker aspires. Our team of tea experts teach you the benefits of tea, while you sip our brew of the day in a lovely porcelain cup. Only at The Natural Boutique by Botanical Indulgence do you learn and enjoy.